SP1233FL 5V3.1A车充方案低成本,占空比百分百

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         5V ~ 32V Supply Voltage Range 
          36V Input Voltage Surge 
          32V Input Over Voltage Protection 
          2% Voltage Reference Accuracy 
          5% Constant Current Accuracy 
          External Optional Current Limit Mode 
          Programmable Frequency(60KHz ~ 1MHz) 
          Built in Adjustable Line-Compensation 
          Hiccup Short Circuit Protection 
          Duty Cycle Range (0~100%) 
          Internal Soft Start 3ms 
          CC/CV Mode Control 
          SOP-8L Package 
          Car Chargers   

          Portable Charger Devices   

         DC/DC Converters with Current Limit

General Description 
        The SP1233FL  is a synchronous buck  Regulator  with output current to 3.1A.It is designed to allow for operating a wide supply voltage range from 5V to 32V. The internal compensation requires  a minimum number  of readily available standard external components. 
        The  SP1233FL  operates in the CC(Constant output Current) mode or CV(Constant output Voltage) mode, and the OCP current value is set by current sensing  power resisters or setting non power resisters.   
        The SP1233FL is suitable for the DC/DC switching power applications  when requested the current limit function. 
        The devices are available in SOP-8L package and require very few external devices for operation.



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